Saturday, 31 December 2011

All the best

I would like to wish all of my followers and visitors the best for the New Year.


What have you got planed for this new years eve?

Magnification on your enlarger

This is going to get a bit technical, so bear with me! This is the ratio between the print and the negative. It is calculated using the linear rule. To make things easy, lets say we are going to enlarge a thirty-five mm negative (24 x 36 mm) by a factor of ten this will give us a print size of 240 x 360 millimeters ( about 9" x 14") in size.
Magnification is related to the distance the negative is from the enlarging lens and the lens from the baseboard. So as the latter distance increases the former decreases. In other words the higher the enlarging head is from the baseboard the closer the lens gets to the negative when it is being focused and vice versa. It stands to reason that the larger the print the longer the exposure time will need to be. There will also need to be a change in paper grade to a harder one as there is a softening in the contrast.